Frequently Asked Questions 

Watcher Guru is a web app that gives you unparalleled coverage of whale watching in real-time. All the data here is updated automatically. The Defi community has burn wallets, contracts, and whales. 

Although we aspire to include any cryptocurrency known to man, it is nearly impossible to do so. Listing cryptocurrencies is primarily a manual process that requires time and energy to ensure the accuracy of our performance. However, we actively monitor the Request Token form. Please submit your requests there and we will add tokens based on popular demand.

Watcher Guru reports on several of markets' whale's trading activities but does not directly sell any cryptocurrency.

Unless otherwise stated, data is obtained, recorded, and published in UTC time.  

It is calculated using the current time. It's a 24-hour cycle that's rolling.

We are looking for popular or high-demand tokens, or just tokens where whales are constantly buying/selling. Either way, if you have a token in mind please request it :)

You are free to use the material for academic or journalistic purposes! We just ask that you credit Watcher.Guru :)