1 Cent Dream: Shiba Inu Member Forecasts SHIB To Reach $0.01

Vinod Dsouza
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The 1 Cent dream is alive and kicking as millions of Shiba Inu investors want the cryptocurrency to hit the $0.01 mark. If SHIB reaches 1 Cent, the majority of present day holders will turn into millionaires and lead a comfortable life. The journey to reach there is long and rough with several obstacles coming along the way.

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Despite all the odds, SHIB investors firmly believe the cryptocurrency will breach $0.01 in their lifetime by hook or crook. Such strong is their belief in the token and it commands a larger-than-life fanfare by investors in the cryptocurrency market. A Shiba Inu team member touched upon the $0.01 topic recently mimicking the community’s 1 Cent dream milestone ideals.

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The 1 Cent Dream: Shiba Inu Team Member Talks About SHIB Hitting The $0.01 Mark

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Shiba Inu’s marketing specialist LucieSHIB revealed that she’s been holding the token since 2021 and has no plans of selling. She confirmed that she’s in the long term game and will hold on to the token for years or even decades. The specialist stressed that she “always believed in reaching 0.01″ and explained that hitting there “takes time”.

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Apart from Shiba Inu, she’s long on the SHIB ecosystem tokens such as Bone and Leash. “I won’t comment on SHIB. I’ve been holding since 2021 and have always believed in reaching 0.01, just not immediately,” she said.

“Everything takes time. But with LEASH, if you sell below $5000, you don’t understand what LEASH is. My dark horses are LEASH and SHIB. BONE should be a in every SHIB wallet,” she said on X.

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Read here for a realistic price prediction on when Shiba Inu might reach the $0.01 milestone in the future. The token is attracting a lot of new and first-time investors across the world for its affordable price.