18 Countries Apply to Join BRICS Alliance in 2024

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The geopolitical landscape has undoubtedly shifted throughout the last year. Amid that, the BRICS alliance has grown in number and influence. Heading into this year, they had enacted their first expansion effort since 2001. Now, more than 18 countries have already applied to join the BRICS alliance in 2024.

Earlier this year, South African Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor said that three dozen countries have expressed interest. However, that does not mean they submitted a formal application for inclusion. So, let’s explore 18 countries that are likely to have already applied to join the grouping.

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BRICS Alliance Sees 18 Countries Apply in 2024

In 2023, the BRICS economic alliance added five nations to its ranks. At its annual summit, it invited Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Iran, Egypt, Ethiopia, and Argentina. Although the latter nation rejected it, the other five became the first true expansion effort of the alliance.

Now, those efforts are expected to continue heading into the 2024 annual summit. Indeed, the alliance has already confirmed three dozen nations have expressed interest in joining the bloc. So, let’s explore the 18 countries that have likely submitted applications to join the BRICS alliance in 2024.

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Chief among those nations are likely Pakistan, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe. Those countries have been outwardly expressive of their desire to enter the economic alliance. Specifically, Nigeria has previously confirmed that it was poised to join the collective in the next several years.

Additionally Algeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Senegal, Turkey, Uruguay, Thailand, Bahrain, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan. Altogether, these 18 countries have expressed the most consistent interest in the economic alliance from last year’s expansion plans to this year.

Moreover, many of these nations had previously applied to join the bloc. However, the economic alliance had adhered to its decision to limit expansion invitations to six. Although they did not receive approval last year, another six are likely to be included in 2024.