2025 Ushers In New Collaborations For XRP: Will Ripple Claim $2 Soon?

Juhi Mirza
XRP token graph showing its ascent
Image Source: Watcher Guru

While 2024 is already half gone, the price of Ripple (XRP) has yet to show prominent price action. The token is battling hard against the intense bearish sentiment but is still holding its ground steady and intact. The token is currently trading at the $0.4043 price level, responding to the overall bearish sentiment of the market. As Bitcoin plummeted to hit $54K, several altcoins are currently struggling to spike ahead and are sifting to hit new lows.

However, despite the bearish onslaught of the market, XRP is all geared up to welcome a new range of collaborations that may very well help push its price up to new levels.

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2025: A Year of Hope for XRP?

Ripple Nears Major Converging Point: Analyst Says XRP Could Breakout

Ripple has always been known as the cryptocurrency that has always carved its own price pace. The token is unfazed by the intense market dynamics that it usually encounters and harbors a dedicated crypto community to vouch for it. The token is still one of the most trending tokens in line, despite fighting an extensive war with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Several technical platforms are indicative of XRP hitting $1 by the end of July. With Ripple claiming partial wins in its case with the US SEC, it seems that Ripple packs great potential underneath its robust demeanor. Several analysts have already started to predict bullish signs of XRP claiming $2 in 2025, mainly due to its long list of fresh collaborations that it has prepared for the firm to proceed ahead with.

According to notable analyst Brett Hill, Ripple has forged 18 new collaborations with global banks across the board to help XRP ace new sectors and use cases.

With Ripple working on launching its stablecoin, such nuanced developments may help catapult the price of XRP to new highs. At the same time, the ETF wave is currently sweeping the sector, and XRP enthusiasts are now vying for the Ripple ETF to launch very soon. The president of Ripple, Monica Long, was quite bullish on this prediction too, adding that the Ripple ETF launch would be a sensible choice given the token’s massive popularity.

“About ETFs, I think it would be very sensible for someone to launch an XRP ETF. As XRP has been trading within the top 10 for how long, maybe its entire life? And on top exchanges like Coinbase and Kraken. It’s certainly in the top 5 of daily volume.”

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How High Can Ripple (XRP) Trade in 2025?

With such an extensive list of developments underway, Ripple may soon encounter a wave of bullish price ranges. Per Coinpedia, 2024 may end on a positive note for XRP, helping the token claim $1.60 in 2024.

“If the buyers successfully counter the prevailing selling pressure, Ripple could significantly recover, enhancing the likelihood of a breakout. A pivotal moment will be the breach of the $1 mark. Surpassing this level could substantially increase the probability of the price reaching the $2.23 potential high. Conversely, if the bearish trend persists and the price falls below $1.60, it may signal a prolonged breakdown phase.”

ripple chart
Image Source: Coinpedia

For 2025, the portal predicts that XRP may hit an all-time high of $3 surpassing expectations of the collective. However, the token may average at the rate of $2.

Ripple chart
Image Source: Coinpedia

“XRP price prediction for 2025 sets the high at $3.38 and creates a new all-time high. However, in case of a global crisis, the XRP price might rest at $2.47, making an average of $2.925.”