3 Tips on How to Stay Calm as a Crypto Investor

Vinod Dsouza
how to stay calm as a crypto investor
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The year 2022 – “I will invest now and forget my investments until 2030,” said the average Joe, but ended up checking his crypto portfolio 30 times a day. The 2030 dream didn’t last for 20 or 30 weeks before he sold his holdings in disappointment. The ”I will hold the long term” is just an excuse for “I wish I can be a millionaire this year”.

At first glance, the cryptocurrency market seems to be all about glam. News about truck drivers making millions with a $1000 investment provides comfort that anyone can pull off a similar feat. Also, news about the average Joe ‘making generational wealth’ through cryptos, is what could have made you enter the market.

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Once you’re in the market, reality hits different. It makes you feel you’re just one among the other millions of people out there with the same pipe-dream.

The thoughts about ‘why am I not making it, while the others are’ quickly creep in. This one thought is enough to bring you down mentally, and cause financial anxiety as the months’ pass.

If you’re a cryptocurrency investor, there’s no way you can escape the- ‘charts, numbers, green, red, dips, bull run, bears’, among others.

Accept it, being a crypto investor is stressful and can make you feel like a 50-year-old despite you being 25.

The number game can drag you down and mentally block your ability to think about anything else. Happiness now solely gets tied to one single-goal post that is to make money in cryptos. The other things that made you feel happy in life previously take a beating.

Crypto stress is sometimes too much to bear as it’s not satisfying your financial aspirations. Here are 3 tips on how to remain calm as a crypto investor and cut through the anxiety.

1. Avoid telling your Friends you’ve Invested in Crypto

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If you tell you’re friends you’ve invested in cryptos, the topic about it would pop up every time you meet them. This creates further pressure as you now have to explain how the coin is performing. It scratches the surface of your ‘dream to be rich’ and makes you feel annoyed when you get back home.

Now think about it, the topic might again repeat next week when you meet them. The process becomes frustrating as you can’t explain that your investments have not reached ‘the moon’ yet.

Your investments are yours alone and avoid telling it to the world. This will keep you at peace and you no longer have to explain anything to anyone about your finances.

2. Find Something That Makes you Happy


Remember how happy you felt when you brought that new shoes of yours or any other thing that matters to you? Unfortunately, that happiness is now solely tied to cryptos only. Untie it, find something that can make you happy and distract you from the market happenings. Search for things that make you happy in different ways and dive towards them.

Keep investments as ‘just another part of your happiness’ and not fully centered towards it. This will indeed ease your burden and make you feel mentally free, which is the need of the hour.

3. Avoid Checking the Charts

Crypto Market Charts Prices
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Charts are the first thing you see in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night. We understand it’s extremely hard to resist seeing the charts, (as we do it 13 times a day or more). It adds up to the already pent-up burden on your shoulders.

Avoiding the charts can reduce more than half of the stress that plaguing you. It’s the secret recipe to find peace in a world dominated by numbers. If you can get away from the charts and check its price every day, my man, you’ve truly made it in the crypto world.