4 Meme Coins To Watch As Bitcoin (BTC) Reclaims $70,000

Vignesh Karunanidhi
4 Meme Coins To Watch As Bitcoin (BTC) Reclaims $70,000

As Bitcoin bounced back above the $70,000 mark, the meme coin sector has continued to reap the rewards. Santiment’s data indicates that meme coins have dominated altcoins over the past week, outperforming their counterparts in a speculation-fueled market.

The surge in meme coin popularity aligns with a broader theme that has characterized the crypto landscape in 2024: the growth of speculative assets. Historically, investors have viewed such pumps in projects with minimal development as red flags, potentially signaling an impending market top.

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However, the current timing of meme coin rallies, coupled with the rapidly approaching Bitcoin halving event, suggests that this rally may not necessarily be an indication of an end to the crypto upswing.

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Among the meme coins experiencing significant market cap growth are Dogecoin (DOGE), MAGA (TRUMP), ArbDoge AI (AIDOGE), and SPX6900 (SPX).

Dogecoin, the pioneering meme coin, has been a longstanding favorite among crypto enthusiasts, leveraging its playful branding and community-driven ethos to maintain a dedicated following. MAGA (TRUMP), on the other hand, has tapped into the fervor surrounding former US President Donald Trump, appealing to a different demographic of crypto traders.

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ArbDoge AI (AIDOGE) and SPX6900 (SPX) represent the intersection of meme culture and strong community support. At press time, Bitcoin has regained the $71,000 level above, up by 6.85% in the last seven days. BTC and the whole cryptocurrency market are exhibiting heightened volatility as BTC halving is just a few days away.

The crypto world is eagerly awaiting the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving event, hoping that the meme coin frenzy will persist in defying conventions or fade away.