42% of Voters in Texas Want to Make Bitcoin a Legal Tender

bitcoin legal in texas

Different surveys agree that the numbers behind Bitcoin are widely increasing. In no time, its global adoption will finally happen. A recent survey carried out by Redfield and Wilton Strategies in three swing states found that many of the voters actually embrace Bitcoin. According to the survey, 42% of the voters in Texas say that they would vote for the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal currency.

The survey on the three swing states also reveals that Texas is a more crypto-friendly swing state compared to the other two. On the other hand, 40% of the Arizona voters were totally against the idea. When asked most people mentioned lack of knowledge as the sole reason as to why they had not invested in the Bitcoin sector.

Meanwhile, 23% supported the drive. This shows that one out of three Americans in the swing states fully adopt Bitcoin.

However, Georgia recorded the highest number of people who had no idea of what Bitcoin is. By the poll stats, only 14% support Bitcoin as an official currency.

Bitcoin’s Adoption

Bitcoin has been a P2P digital currency since its creation in 2009. It has been growing extensively with more than 50 million wallets under Bitcoin. 

This huge growth makes Bitcoin the largest cryptocurrency in the crypto market. Everyone who owns Bitcoin agrees to the tremendous growth, with many investors wishing that they started buying Bitcoins earlier. 

Nevertheless, not everyone accepts and understands Bitcoin. Some lack the slightest idea of what it is (like the many residents of Georgia).

However, one thing is sure; Millions of people are directly dealing with Bitcoin with a large percentage intending to get involved in the future. 

Another sure indicator of the exponential growth of Bitcoin is the number of active users. The BTC network is becoming busier by the day, which is a big indicator of growth.

Individuals, Countries, and Companies That Accept Bitcoin

Lately, individuals, companies, and countries have been seen to adopt bitcoin to operate in their day-to-day activities and also hold for some future profits. 

Ukraine is seen to be looking into the possibility of making Bitcoin a legal tender following El Salvador naming Bitcoin its the official currency in its economy.  Bulgaria on the other, hand has a total holding of over 215,000 in BTC. 

You cannot mention Bitcoin and leave out MicroStrategy who Recently added 5050 BTC into their holding totaling some to 114,000 BTC. Tesla is another company that has invested in Bitcoin after buying approximately 42,000 BTC worth $1.47 billion.

Individuals like Mike Novogratz, Ricardo Salinas have become Bitcoin enthusiasts. For example, Novogratz’s wealth net amounts to around 85% in crypto. 10% of Ricardo’s net wealth is in Bitcoin and he still looking forward to adding more to his holdings.


If we go by the emerging trend of countries adopting the use of Bitcoin, its adoption in states like Texas where 42% of voters say they can vote it as a legal tender is something we should expect to see happen in the near future.