5 Crypto Airdrops to Watch as Smog Token Offers $1,500 Daily

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: Token Metrics

Cryptocurrency airdrops offer an exciting way for crypto projects to distribute tokens, build a community, and generate buzz. Successful airdrops, like Uniswap’s iconic 2017 campaign, can catapult projects into the spotlight and produce eye-catching growth.

This article will highlight five of the most promising crypto airdrops to watch, including the new Smog (SMOG) token, which has been airdropping $1,500 worth of SMOG daily to meme coin holders.

1. Smog (SMOG)

The hottest new crypto airdrop is the Smog token mentioned above, a brand-new meme coin making waves on Solana.

In just the past week, Smog’s developers have airdropped $1,500 worth of SMOG tokens to holders of Dogwifhat (WIF) and Samoyedcoin (SAMO).

Moreover, the team’s strategy is to target established meme coin communities with these airdrops, boosting awareness and excitement for SMOG.

To participate in the airdrop, investors can purchase SMOG tokens through DEXs like Raydium and hold them to qualify.

Signing up on the Smog website and completing “quests” on Zealy is another way to earn airdrop points.  

Additionally, this unique approach has captured the attention of the crypto community, with Smog’s Telegram channel reaching over 16,600 members.

SMOG’s price action reflects the positive sentiment, experiencing a 2,200% increase since its Jupiter launch just two weeks ago.

With exciting plans on the horizon, including a potential token burn mechanism, Smog’s ongoing airdrop campaign is worth keeping an eye on.

Visit the Smog Token Website

2. Mode (MODE)

Another upcoming airdrop gaining attention is Mode (MODE), which is offering a 550 million token giveaway.

Mode is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum that prioritizes rewarding developers and users.

Users must sign up on the Mode website and connect their crypto wallet to participate in the airdrop.

Based on DeFi and NFT activity, users will receive points, which will ultimately convert to free MODE tokens.

With such a massive number of tokens being given away, it’s no surprise that Mode’s airdrop is ranked as one of the most highly anticipated on airdrops.io.

Although no release date has been specified, this is another airdrop that investors may wish to keep tabs on.

3. Bluefin (BLUE)

Next up is Bluefin (BLUE), a next-gen decentralized exchange built on Sui.

Bluefin aims to deliver a fast, low-cost trading experience and boasts investment from leading entities like Polychain Capital and BH Digital.

Users can earn airdrop points convertible to BLUE tokens in four ways – by signing up with a referral code, obtaining SUI from Binance, depositing assets, and trading perpetually.

The airdrop features a simple 1:1 conversion of points to BLUE tokens, with 6% of the total supply up for grabs.

Given Bluefin’s enticing features, this airdrop is already attracting enormous attention and could be highly lucrative if the developers execute their roadmap effectively.

4. INIT Capital (INIT)

Another airdrop investors may wish to watch comes from INIT Capital (INIT), a protocol focused on permissionless liquidity access for DeFi.

Users can earn INIT tokens by joining their “Liquidity Hook Era” campaign.

After obtaining assets on Mantle and bridging them over, users can deposit or borrow from INIT Capital to accrue airdrop points.

The more that users interact with the platform, the more INIT tokens they’ll earn when the airdrop concludes.

Users can also refer friends and receive 10% of the airdrop points that they accrue.

Ultimately, for DeFi enthusiasts looking to expand their horizons and obtain a potentially valuable token, INIT Capital’s airdrop may be worth considering.

5. Laika (LAIKA)

Concluding our list of crypto airdrops to watch is the one from Laika (LAIKA).

Laika is a community-focused Solana meme coin offering a $20,000 airdrop for completing quests on Zealy.

The airdrop will reward the top 500 participants who earn the most “quest XP” – with prizes ranging from $2,000 worth of LAIKA for 1st place to $10 worth of LAIKA for 500th place.

Beyond financial incentives, the airdrop quests promote engagement and Laika’s mission of uniting meme coin investors worldwide.

For those seeking an under-the-radar Solana meme coin with a real purpose, Laika’s airdrop could be a viable option.