50% of Americans Say Taylor Swift Did More To US Economy Than Joe Biden

Vinod Dsouza
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The US economy is recovering slowly as inflation in the homeland is cooling down compared to last year. Inflation in the US is now at 3.1% and is significantly down from 6.5% in 2023. However, inflation will be fully under control only when it comes below the 2% bracket. A recent survey conducted by Real Estate Witch shows that 50% of Americans believe that Taylor Swift did more to the US economy than President Joe Biden.

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The survey highlights that Americans are distressed about the way Joe Biden has handled the US economy since 2021. The uncontrolled $34 trillion debt is among the primary reasons why Americans say Joe Biden is responsible for the crisis.

Americans Say Taylor Swift Helped the US Economy Recover More Than Joe Biden

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Source: CNBC

A recent survey published by Real Estate Witch shows that 50% of respondents think Taylor Swift helped the US economy and not Joe Biden. Boomers, who are mostly conservative blamed Joe Biden for the economic crisis. Over 38% of boomers said that Joe Biden is primarily responsible for the decline of the US financials.

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In addition, nearly 24% of millennials and Gen Z blamed Joe Biden for the distress in the US economy. Taylor Swift took the credit for the US financial rise leaving President Joe Biden in the limbo.

However, 34% of respondents said that former President Donald Trump handled the US economy well. Only 25% of Americans credit Joe Biden’s policies reflecting positively on the US economy.

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Also, 3% of the surveyed respondents said that they don’t mind paying $1,000 or more for a Taylor Swift concert. They called seeing a premier artist a necessary splurge that adds to an experience of a lifetime. Read here to know what billionaire analysts think about the US economy this year in 2024.