9 Businesses Across the Globe Join the ‘Shiba Inu Burn’ Pledge

Vinod Dsouza
Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is on a roll in 2022 with lots of developments and expansion on the cards to its ecosystem. Also, a lot of businesses joined hands in 2021 to ‘Burn’ SHIB and reduce its circulating supply. Steven Cooper’s Bigger Entertainment, a music streaming site, and Shiba Coffee Company, a retail coffee store regularly burned SHIB through their business models.

The list of businesses joining the SHIB burn module is growing by the day. Many companies around the world have come forward and joined the initiative by promising to burn a fixed percentage of profits. The small share of their profits would go to the official SHIB burn wallet and remain dead forever.

Many more businesses are expected to join the SHIB burn process in the coming months and participate in the initiative. The development could positively affect Shiba Inu’s price in the long term and lead the way to sustainable growth.

The 9 companies participating in the Shiba Inu burn process are listed below.

1. Bigger Entertainment

Steven Cooper’s Bigger Entertainment is the leading champion in the SHIB burn segment. Since October 2021, the music streaming site has burned close to 890 million SHIB tokens.

2. Shiba Coffee Company

Shiba Coffee Company wholeheartedly supports the Shiba ecosystem. They claim that 100% of their profits will move towards buying SHIB and 10% of that will go towards burning the meme token.

3. The Vibe Maquillage

The cosmetics company announced that it would accept Shiba Inu as payment through NOW Payments. The firm stated that it would burn 15% of all total sales in SHIB and help decrease its circulating supply.

4. Marklien

The motherhood and baby e-commerce store accepted SHIB as a form of legal payment through NOW Payments. The business revealed that 25% of their sales will be burned from purchases that used SHIB as their transaction mode.

5. Precious Paws

The Shopify-themed dog accessories and toys website announced that it would contribute to the SHIB burn process. Their website claims that 20% of all their profits will be burned after every 250 products are sold.

  1. Cryptoon Network

For the uninitiated, Cryptoon Network is an online comedy series that revolves around NFT’s and also comes with NFT collectibles. The network proudly proclaimed on their Twitter bio that they are the only “NFTs that burn $SHIB.” 25% of their overall sales will be used towards the SHIB burning process.

  1. Save The F**king Trees

The website sells SHIB accessories such as t-shirts, wrist bands, stickers, and even Shiba Coffee. The firm claimed that 75% of their earnings from accessories and artwork will go towards the burn process. “Make a purchase today to donate” reads the home page of their website.


The firm announced that it would burn a percentage of its sales coming through its NFT purchases. Up until today, they have burned a total of 4,210,992 SHIB tokens.

  1. Shiba Search

The website has a calculator on its home page and users can calculate the number of SHIB burned vs the amount. They’re also holding their first live burn event this month and could attract a lot of visitors to their website. “Welcome to ShibaSearch, the most effective Shiba Inu coin burning project!” their website read.