99Bitcoins Presale Attracts Whales As Experts Review Its Learn To Earn Free Crypto Model

Joshua Ramos

The team behind the iconic 99Bitcoins website has caused a stir in the crypto community through the launch of its highly-anticipated 99Bitcoins Token (99BTC) presale.

In just one week, this “Learn-to-Earn” project has attracted significant investment from whale investors. Moreover, it has received praise from experts for its model that rewards users for learning about cryptocurrency.

99Bitcoins Debuts Crypto Education Revolution

99Bitcoins has long been a trusted name in the crypto education space. Yet, they’re taking learning to a whole new level with their Learn-to-Earn model.

As outlined in the project’s whitepaper, instead of just passively consuming content, users will now be able to actively earn crypto rewards just to increase their blockchain knowledge.

The core idea is simple: As users progress through 99Bitcoins’ library of interactive courses, tutorials, and learning modules, they’ll earn 99BTC tokens that can be redeemed for various benefits.

It’s similar to a credit card rewards program that provides cashback – except with 99Bitcoins, users “spend” by learning.

That means the more courses users complete, the more 99BTC tokens they’ll earn. As such, users are incentivized to continually improve their crypto education.

But 99Bitcoins isn’t stopping there – they’re also pioneering integration with BRC-20.

BRC-20 is an experimental token standard that allows dApps and digital assets to be built directly on the Bitcoin network.

Therefore, once 99BTC is bridged to the BRC-20 standard, holders can benefit from Bitcoin’s security while exploring a range of new use cases.

99BTC Presale Success Hints at Whale Involvement

The buzz surrounding 99Bitcoins’ Learn-to-Earn model has translated into strong presale performance right out of the gate.

In just one week since launching, the 99BTC presale has already raised over $300,000 from early investors.

Priced at just $0.001, 99BTC represents a chance to get in on the ground floor of what could be a monumental shift in crypto education.

The team has implemented a multi-stage structure. Subsequently, the 99BTC price is set to increase over time as certain funding milestones are met.

Such dwindling availability, combined with the Learn-to-Earn premise, appears to be a significant draw. This is especially true for cryptocurrency whales.

Unverified reports suggest that some of the biggest presale contributors have come from high-net-worth individuals. They are all united in their seeking for potential future price appreciation.

Given the presale’s hard cap of $11 million, it’s easy to see why whales may want to snag as many discounted 99BTC tokens as possible. Especially before the price rises in later stages.

Experts Buzzing Over 99Bitcoins’ “Sleeping Giant” Potential

While the presale numbers are eye-catching, the 99Bitcoins Token presale is attracting attention from more than just whales. Indeed, it’s also earning rave reviews from some of the most respected outlets in the space.

Over at crypto.news, their team of experts highlighted 99Bitcoins’ unique utility. Moreover, they discussed whether it could be considered a “sleeping giant.”

Adding to the buzz around 99Bitcoins Token is that the brand already has an enormous presence on social media.

This includes over 16,000 followers on Twitter and more than 700,000 YouTube subscribers, which have been built up over years of delivering valuable educational content.

Leveraging that kind of trust and brand recognition could help raise awareness about 99Bitcoins’ new Learn-to-Earn feature.

The bottom line is that early investors see 99Bitcoins Token as filling a gap in the market with a model that could finally gamify crypto education at scale.

Combined with a presale that’s generating enormous demand from retail (and possibly institutional) investors, all the ingredients are there for the project to make its mark on the crypto space this year.

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