99Bitcoins Token Presale Raises 1.5M: Best Crypto to Invest In?


99Bitcoins, a renowned name in the cryptocurrency education space, has recently reached a new milestone in its successful token presale, raising an impressive $1.5 million. This substantial funding milestone underscores the community’s trust in the platform and marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for 99Bitcoins.

The $99BTC presale has been gathering steam as investors flock in. Many point to the platform’s innovative Lean-to-Earn model combined with an upcoming move to the BRC-20 token as signs that the $99BTC token has potential for long-term growth. The website has also announced an upcoming $99 Bitcoin airdrop that has generated huge hype online.

99Bitcoins Launches Learn-to-Earn Platform

99Bitcoins is one of the longest-running cryptocurrency websites focused on providing unbiased and informational content about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Originally launched in 2013 under the name BitcoinWithPayPal.com, the website has evolved into a comprehensive knowledge resource for all things crypto.

Its flagship offering, the market-leading free Bitcoin Crash Course, has more than two million registered users, while more than 700,000 people have subscribed to the 99Bitcoins YouTube channel.

Now, the platform is expanding its reach with a website revamp and an ambitious roadmap. ground-breaking Learn-to-Earn platform. Central to 99Bitcoins’ new strategy is an innovative Learn-to-Earn platform built around the $99BTC token. Initially issued as an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network, $99BTC will eventually transition to the BRC-20 standard on the Bitcoin blockchain.

This Learn-to-Earn mechanism builds on the popular X-to-earn model in crypto. Previous examples include Play-to-Earn or Move-to-Earn. These models have attracted a huge number of users interested in earning crypto in their daily lives, and the X-to-earn market has a combined market valuation of $8.9 billion.

By integrating financial incentives with educational content, 99Bitcoins aims to create a captivating learning environment where users are rewarded with $99BTC tokens for engaging with the curriculum and the community.

$99BTC token holders will gain exclusive access to training courses, trading signals, VIP community groups, mentoring, and trading strategies. This can help holders get a competitive edge in the fast-paced world of cryptocurrencies. Holders will also get discounts on partner products and services.

Presale investors who buy this ERC-20 token can immediately stake their tokens to start earning passive income. Already, 968,000,000 $99BTC tokens have been staked. Those who get in early can enjoy an 1125% APY on their staked tokens.

Presale Hype Builds With Upcoming Airdrop

Adding to the excitement, 99Bitcoins has launched an enormous airdrop campaign, distributing $99,999 worth of Bitcoin to 99 lucky community members. The campaign is designed to reward early supporters and create a buzz within the wider crypto community.

To be eligible for the airdrop, interested traders need to sign up on the 99bitcoins.com site, follow their social media channels, and submit both the wallet address they used for the presale and their Bitcoin wallet address.

This giveaway is already gaining traction as the presale moves closer to launch day. Already, $1.5 million has been raised. The token is currently available for the low price of $0.00106, but this price is set to rise in just a couple of days.

With its new Learn-to-Earn platform, 99Bitcoins is poised to become a leading destination for those looking to understand and invest in the future of digital currencies. With its strong foundation, innovative approach, and community support, the $99BTC presale could be one of the best investments of the year.

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