A SHIB Tea and Coffee Shop Is Now Open for Business in Vietnam

Source: hypebae.com

Shiba Inu has opened another Coffee and Tea shop for the residents of Vietnam. The Vietnamese shop is a marketing strategy for Shiba Inu in the country. 

SHIB Branded Coffee Shops

The new Vietnam shop follows a series of Coffee and Tea shops worldwide. In 2020, a Shiba Tea and Coffee Company was opened in Winston. According to the team, the decision to brand their company to Shiba Inu results from the love of the Crypto whale company.

Bellevue continues the list of countries that have SHIB shops. The Bellevue shop is called Shiboba Tea and Coffee shop. From this, SHIB shows love towards Shiba Inu and the Boba character. 

Another such service product is found in Thailand. The Shiba Coffee and Tea in Thailand has also been doing well.

Massive Burning of Shiba Inu

The Shiba community has been on the move to burn several $SHIB. The team aims to remove the characters from circulation, thus maintaining its status. The SHIB community had burned close to two billion Shiba in the previous month towards this project.

Subsequently, Shiba Inu announced that it was going to use the proceeds from its coffee sale towards the burning of SHIB. For every cup of Coffee, Shiba will use 10% of its profit in this project. That is, after every coffee sale, SHIB will buy a $SHIB character then burn it in the death wallet.

Will the profits of the Shiba shop in Vietnam be added to this project? We do not know just yet. Although we believe Shiba Inu will include it. Ultimately, who wouldn’t want to see their brands grow?

Opening a new shop might prove crucial towards the dream of attaining the $1 mark. The Shiba lounges are important social engineering agents. Once you dine at either of the shops, then later bump into them online, you’ll feel at home with Shiba.

Additionally, the whale status shows that Shiba Inu has acted as a retaining magnate. Who would want to leave a profitable investment? 

SHIB Quality Products

Shiba Coffee and Tea shops globally boast of using high-quality coffee grains in preparing their drinks. Shiba branded shops only buy the best tea and coffee. Subsequently, the company burns the coffee granules to perfect its standards.

Like its impact in the crypto world, we expect a boom impact on the physical world. SHIB investors are getting very excited about this new foundation. Subsequently, more people will invest in digital asset trading.

The NFT memecoin seems to hit the current allegations against meme coins. Several crypto investors complain that meme coins are not worth it since they offer substantial services. However, Shiba Inu has seen breaking these grounds by ensuring that it places a mark on the whale listing.

Shiba Inu coffee shops will allow non-crypto investors to relate with the seemingly complicated area. In turn, these customers will embrace digital asset trading.