Actress Sydney Sweeney Latest Victim of Cryptocurrency-Related Hack

Sahana Kiran
Source – WWD

The cryptocurrency market has been growing in popularity. The industry has been garnering immense attention from several across the globe. Among them, ill-doers were also seen making use of the increased demand for these assets. Hacks are more prevalent than ever in the market. Over the past couple of weeks, several celebrities have become the target of these hackers. More recently, American actress Sydney Sweeney’s X account was compromised.

The actress’ account was later used by hackers to promote a cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency named after her successfully attracted over $10 million in trading activity. This occurred just two hours after its July 2 launch. SWEENEY’s price dropped nearly 90% in a little over an hour starting at 6:15 pm UTC. In addition, DEX Screener statistics revealed that its market cap is presently $1.2 million. This is down from its peak of $3.85 million.

Sweeney’s now-deleted post read,

“Well I think it’s time… $sweeney is now live 100mc incoming.”

According to the tweets above, Sweeney claimed to discuss the token live on X Spaces, which was formerly known as Twitter Spaces. The hacked account also made posts regarding a token burn and a giveaway.

This isn’t the first time that Sweeney experienced a hack like this. The actress was previously a victim of a Twitter breach pertaining to cryptocurrency. Hackers used the actress’ account in January to advertise a Solana meme currency with a sexual theme.

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Sydney Sweeney Joins The List

It seems like a lot of Crypto Twitter users knew full well that the messages were probably fake. A number of celebrities, like 50 Cent and Hulk Hogan, have experienced nearly similar excursions in recent weeks, which have always resulted in the return of dark, Solana meme coins. More recently, prominent heavy metal band, Metallica also joined the list.

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