AI Becoming a Concern for Americans, But There Is Optimism

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: IIoT World

There is no denying the growing capabilities of AI (artificial intelligence) and its impact on human society. While some are optimistic about AI development, others are spooked by it. However, there is no running away from it. Artificial intelligence is slowly making its way into the office and home workplace.

A recent study by Pew Research surveyed 11,004 people to get their insights on artificial intelligence in the workplace. The study found that 32% of Americans believe the role of AI in hiring and evaluating workers will cause more harm than good. Moreover, 71% of Americans are against artificial intelligence in deciding whether hire or fire an employee.

However, 40% of Americans, according to the survey, still believe that AI may help both job candidates and employees by accelerating recruiting procedures, lowering human error rates, and removing any biases present in human decision-making. 32% of people believed that over the next 20 years, AI will do more damage to workers. Moreover, 66% of the people said that they would not apply for a job if they were evaluated by AI.

Furthermore, the report also noted the privacy concerns that people face. 90% of upper-class employees, 84% of middle-class employees, and 70% of lower-class employees worry about AI gathering and analyzing data.

Is AI all bad?

Despite the fact that many people are pessimistic about artificial intelligence, a new Educause survey of college IT staff indicated that sentiments are quickly shifting.

54% of survey participants said they had an optimistic outlook on technology in February. In the most recent study, from April 10–11, that number rose to 67%. Of the 441 survey participants, 67% reported utilizing generative AI for work this academic year, and 13% stated they planned to use tools like ChatGPT soon. It should be noted that the Pew Research study uses data from December 2022.

Nonetheless, people’s sentiment about artificial intelligence still remains divided. While some are excited and optimistic about this technology, others are fearful and pessimistic. However, one thing is certain, the future is getting more and more automated and digital. Therefore, AI will likely play an important role in building that future.

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