All iPhone Users Can Now Use Bitcoin Tips on Twitter!


Bitcoin just hit a major milestone. All iPhone users in the world can now use Bitcoin tips on Twitter.

Crypto enthusiasts and Twitter fans have anticipated this update since the last announcement the social media platform made.

On September 23, Twitter announced that its users would have the ability to reward their favourite celebrities using Bitcoin. As they promised, Twitter delivered because now the iOS users are the first and can now enjoy this ‘Tip’ feature.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said that the feature would launch to Android users in a few weeks.

Before this development, Twitter creatives received fiat money through other exchange companies such as Venmo and Cash App.

Recently and even in the past, Jack Dorsey has been vocal about his passion and enthusiasm for Cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin.

At the June 2021 Bitcoin conference for example, the Twitter’s CEO expressed that he strongly believes that the Crypto world would unite the world and eventually bring world peace.

Concerning this, Jack Dorsey added that Bitcoin would provide protection against the devaluation of currency and speed up transfers globally.

Importantly, you should know that it is a mandate that Twitter’s partner Strike Platform will facilitate the BTC transactions. Strike is a decentralized finance lending protocol that offers easy ways to purchase Bitcoin. In addition, this protocol is housed on the BLN (Bitcoin Lightning Network).

Easy Steps You can follow to Use Bitcoin Tips Feature on Twitter

The feature that allows you to reward your favourite Twitter influencers is called Tips. Below are some easy steps you can follow when you want to transfer these tips.

  1. Download the Strike application, then enter your details (Available on iOS, Android and Browser extension)
  2. Put the amount of BTC you are tipping into your no custody Strike Wallet.
  3. Go to Twitter & search for the page you are going to tip
  4. Tap on the cash icon- the owner of the page should accept Bitcoin
  5. Click the “Next” button, and it is optional to add a small text to accompany your tip
  6. Tap on the wallet section, which will take you to your wallet (in step 2)
  7. Select “Confirm Payment” & Voilà! Your tip will successfully transferred 


In conclusion, Twitter made history as the first major social network to adopt Cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. This step is a huge one for Bitcoin, Twitter and creatives on Twitter.

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