All targeted accounts were reimbursed post-hack: CEO

Paigambar Mohan Raj
Source: NexChangeNOW CEO, Kris Marszalek, says the prominent cryptocurrency exchange has not yet received any regulatory outreach. In an online interview with Bloomberg, Marszalek has said that he is prepared to share relevant information on the hack if any inquiries come from regulators. But so far there seem to be none. 

The actual worth of the coins involved is unknown, although estimates put it in the millions. In the coming days, expects to reveal further details in a blog post, according to Marszalek. Apart from the 4.6K ETH coins, it is speculated that an additional 444 BTC were also stolen. Withdrawals were halted on after the attack. Kris revealed that around 400 accounts were affected but he stated that all affected accounts were reimbursed after the incident.

On Tuesday, the company became the latest cryptocurrency exchange to be targeted by cybercriminals, with users reporting that their Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies had been stolen from their accounts. According to Marszalek, all customers have been refunded.

Kris said that the hack was a “great lesson”, and that the team is continuously strengthening its infrastructure. According to him, given the scale of the business, the numbers were not material and that user funds were safe.’s plans

The firm is presently awaiting licensing approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore, or MAS, after relocating its headquarters from Hong Kong to Singapore last year. Earlier this year, the MAS made it illegal to advertise crypto items in public. After putting a massive billboard on a busy commercial strip, was one of the companies affected. also purchased the sponsorship rights to the Staples Center, a legendary sports and entertainment venue in Los Angeles. It’s also running a massive marketing effort starring Matt Damon and a number of professional sports clubs. has done right by its users by reimbursing their lost funds. Cyber-attacks have been a persistent issue in the ecosystem but there have been constant efforts from the industry to counter these attacks.