Andrew Tate Backs Crypto, Says Bitcoin and Crypto Are Amazing

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Andrew Tate Backs Crypto, Says Bitcoin and Crypto Are Amazing
Source: LADBible

Andrew Tate is literally everywhere. It is even difficult to scroll down on social media without stumbling upon his video where he shares his opinion on money, women, and politics. Tate popped out of nowhere and has beaten the internet algorithm.

Even though he began his career as a kickboxer, he soon moved to influencer marketing and has ended up in one or other controversy. Tate has reportedly overthrown MrBeast, Donald Trump, and PewDiePie in terms of Google searches.

While many disagree with this take on women, money, and several other topics, everyone is talking about Tate. He has transformed into a lifestyle guru for many. Famous YouTubers are reacting to his ideas and views, while many claim that all of these are just pure marketing for his Hustlers University.

Andrew Tate speaks about crypto

In an interview with Bitcoin investor Anthony Pompliano, Andrew Tate shared a lot of views on various subjects. Even though the interview was shot in May 2021, Pompliano aired the interview on his Youtube channel on August 3, 2022. Pompliano has mentioned in the video description that he doesn’t agree with all of Tate’s opinions. “Some I agree with, some I do not.”

Andrew Tate spoke in the interview, stating that everything began when he began learning about money and how the entire system works. On that path, he stumbled upon crypto and bitcoin. Tate was frustrated in life by not having enough money and began experimenting with ways to make more.

Talking about things in his life, Tate opened up about having eight girlfriends and stating that beautiful women are an asset class.

Tate is an owner of several businesses, and one of his major financial streams is Hustlers University. He is luring younger generations with his fast cars, money, women, and lifestyle, taking pieces of inspiration from Dan Bilzerian.

Coffeezilla’s recent video on Tate reveals that his university has over 100,000 members and is likely to grow with the huge level of marketing on social media channels.

“I don’t want cash.” “I want something else. Give me an asset, okay how can I get an asset the government can’t take? Bitcoin,” said Tate.

Andrew Tate spoke in the 1 hour 39-minute long interview about crypto and bitcoin, stating that crypto is amazing for a bunch of things, including as a tool to hedge against inflation.