Apple Reportedly Cancels Plans to Build an Electric Car

Joshua Ramos
Source: Economic Times

Apple has reportedly canceled its plans to build an electric car, according to a Bloomberg report. Indeed, the company has decided to end its decade-long endeavor of building an electric automobile according to sources with information on the matter.

The deviation represents the end of one of the company’s most ambitious projects. The report notes that Apple made the more than 2,000 employees working on the project aware of the cancellation internally on Tuesday. Moreover, the decision was reportedly shared by both COO Jeff Williams and the project’s Vice President, Kevin Lynch.

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Apple Abandon’s Decade-Long Electric Car Project

Throughout its history, Apple has cemented itself as one of the foremost tech companies on the planet. Its products have become some of the most commercially successful in the sector, with tablets and cell phones often leading the market. Yet, it appears that the company is moving away from one of its most aspirational ideas.

According to recent reports, Apple is canceling its plans to build an electric car. Indeed, the project was originally delayed until 2028. However, that no longer seems to be the case, as the company has informed employees it is seemingly scrapping the idea entirely.

Apple iPhone 14 Tim Cook
Source: Apple

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The company’s two previously named executives told employees that the project would be “winding down” with its closure assured. Moreover, they are reportedly shifting those working on the car to the company’s Artificial Intelligence division. Specifically, the report notes many of the 2,000 staffers will work under executive John Giannandrea to develop generative AI projects.

Work on the development of the Apple Car first began in 2014. Furthermore, since its announcement, it has been a multibillion-dollar endeavor for the company. Subsequently, it was poised to enter the tech company into the automobile space, competing with juggernauts like Tesla. However, it appears as though it has set its sights on the generative AI race, taking on firms like Microsft, Google, and OpenAI.