Are You Ready for the “Messiverse”? Countdown To The Launch of Messi’s NFT Crypto Art

Messiverse NFT

After ending his stint at FC Barcelona, Lionel Messi, one of the best footballers of our times, has launched his NFT collection dubbed “Messiverse “. He did this through a partnership with BossLogic, an Australia based digital artist for NFT, which will include the footballers’ exceptional images.

Tomorrow, this collection will be up for auction on the Ethernity NFT platform, famous for the sports legend’s original tokens.

With the rise in popularity of sports NFT relics, it is not certain how much the GOAT will earn, though pundits are saying he might beat Tysons NFT’ Lineal by Tyson Fury’ which was auctioned at $987,000

While these NFTs drop today, Messi had announced the association on August 5 through his Instagram. The post had the artists’ image and caption. “Been in the works for a while. Beyond honoured to work with @ ethernity and with the legend @leomessi on his first official drop!” This is a confirmation that the NFTs will be auction through the Ethernity platform. Currently, the platform is allowing registration for the auction.


The piece, titled: Man from the future, the king piece, worth the weight among others, contains images of Lionel Messi as a Superhero in his new PSG number 30 jersey.

BossLogic is accustom to NFTs. The artist worked with Marvel studio and launched Godzilla vs KongNFT in April. The first NFT to tag with a major motion picture.

Messi, too, is accustom to NFT and cryptocurrencies. According to coingape’s recent publication, Messi’s signing deal to PSG would include NFT payments. His two-year contract with PSG is at around $41 million in annual salaries plus bonuses. Some of these payments will be made through fan tokens or NFT.

Messi’s NFT drop is a confirmation that cryptocurrencies are making their way to the sports industry. Apart from PSG launching its token. Ther significant football entities such as Arsenal and Manchester United, among others, have done so. Indian Platform Rario is the first to announce an NFT platform targeting cricket on August 15.