ASEAN Countries Increases U.S. Exports, Ditch China in 2024

Juhi Mirza
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ASEAN is now pioneering efforts to pivot away from China to bolster its collective macro development. At the same time, the ten bloc nations are also looking forward to allying with the United States and have increased their exports to the US in 2024. Per recent reports, the exports have now increased dramatically, as compared to their earlier statistics, in efforts to retune per the changing global supply strategy.

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ASEAN Allies With The US

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Source: Reuters

ASEAN countries are now pivoting towards the US and are boosting efforts to double their exports to the states. The new drastic sentiment shift has come up in the wake of the cyclical changes that the Chinese economy is encountering as of late.

Per a recent survey conducted by Nikkei Asia, ASEAN nation’s exports to the US have surpassed those of China for the first time in six quarters. The data compiled by the portal has been scanned through the bloc’s secretariat, individual governments, and local media reports.

The data assessment later outlined that the ten bloc nations had executed nearly $67.2 billion worth of exports to the US between January and March. The exports largely comprise product offerings related to semiconductor and electrical parts, components that previously were synonymous with the Chinese economy.

“The current trend is driven by both structural and cyclical factors. While China remains an integral part of the [electrical and electronics] value chain, rising costs as well as political and institutional factors, chief of which are trade tensions between the two superpowers, have increasingly driven U.S. firms to relocate from China, with Malaysia being one of the beneficiaries.” As shared by economist Intan Nadia Jalil.

ASEAN Bolster Efforts To Soar The Past Chinese Economy

The ten-bloc nation is now gearing up to compete with the Chinese economy. ASEAN is now collectively spearheading a promising agenda, one that helps them achieve global recognition.

The nations are now attracting heavy foreign interest, with all their leading growth metrics pointing towards thriving economic health. Federico Burgoni, head of Group Strategy and Transformation at Singapore’s United Overseas Bank, shared how the bloc is seeking new growth opportunities, which can play an elemental role in bolstering their collective development.

“ASEAN is backed by strong fundamentals, including a young population, a dynamic labor force, and rising foreign direct investment. Yes, there are some geopolitical risks [US sanctions from Trump, a war in Taiwan, etc.]. But in Asia, we think Southeast Asia is the bright spot. ASEAN is one of the fastest-growing trade blocs. It’s been viewed as a production base and a growing consumer market to both the West and to China.” Burgoni shared

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ASEAN is also witnessing a surge in technical domains. Several leading tech players can be seen anchoring down in Southeast Asia to spearhead novel business operations.

“There are continuing indications that ASEAN is benefiting from the cracks in China’s economic armor,” he adds. As tensions with the West persist and concerns over supply chain dependencies grow. The multinational corporations continue to diversify their operations into Southeast Asia.” As stated by Tony Nash, the foundation of complete intelligence