Avalanche to migrate to BAYC’s ‘Otherside’ from Ethereum?

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Yuga Lab’s highly anticipated launch of Otherside turned into somewhat of a catastrophe and many questions were pointed towards Ethereums’ shortcomings. Well, the Avalanche team appears to have come up with a solution but not all community members shared a common view.

On Wednesday, the Avalanche team dropped a proposal on the ApeCoin DAO forum to migrate the Otherside metaverse collection from Ethereum to Avalanche’s subnet. The proposal was made on the notion that Avalanche would offer faster transaction processing, higher throughput, greater ability to scale, and lower gas fees compared to Ethereum.

Earlier in May, the Ethereum network was distressed with congestion issues and exuberantly high gas fees during the Otherside launch. Some argued Ethereum network was unable to manage the network traffic as users minted NFTs.

While the Avalanche network is one of the many rivals seeking to outshine Ethereum to become the DeFi leader, its subnet technology has become one of its strongest USP which sets it apart from other Layer 1 blockchains. Subnets allow developers to create their blockchains which are built on top of the main network. The proposal stated:

“Avalanche Subnets deliver the necessary speed, security, low fees, and customizability for the ApeCoin community to future-proof its infrastructure for its millions of community members”.

ApeCoin DAO community gives mixed reactions

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The ApeCoin community gave mixed responses to the proposal. While some argued that Avalanche’s recent growth was a testament to how popular subnets had become, others suggested that ApeCoinDAO should try to attain scalability with Ethereum through Layer 2 solutions or roll-ups rather than jump ship. A user said:

“Honestly think we have more to lose leaving eth than we have to gain exploring options off of it and its L2s. Rather, for all value that apecoin and the ecosystem around can give, I dont see remotely an appropriate value that avalanche can give back to make it worth the sacrifice”.

A third opinion threw questions over the proposal, arguing that ApeCoinDAO had no control over the Otherside initiative. “The DAO has nothing to do with the Otherside. That’s a Yuga project and it’s not within the purview of this DAO to decide what technology they do or does not use for that”.

Some even suggested that Apecoin DAO needs a dedicated state-of-the-art chain of its own that is designed to scale and easy to develop rather than function on a separate chain entirely.

While the proposal was still in its early stage, it remains to be seen whether it even goes through a formal governance vote. Meanwhile, representatives of Yuga Labs and Otherside were yet to comment on the matter.