Baby Doge Coin Price Prediction: Buyers to take break after heavy lifting

Saif Naqvi
Baby Doge Coin
Source: babydoge

Baby Doge Coin’s price is settling down within a key channel following a volatile week of trade. Chances are that the price would move sideways over the next few days as the Bollinger Bands continue to contract. At the time of writing, BABYDOGE traded at $0.00000003445, up by 12% over the last 24 hours.

Baby Doge Coin 4-hour time frame

Source: TradingView

Baby Doge Coin’s progress on the chart was quite eventful last week. A bull pennant breakout fueled over a 50% surge as BABYDOGE met its target at $0.00000004401. Soon after, the price tumbled by 40% after investors locked in their gains. While bulls did reignite momentum at $0.00000002853 support, BABYDOGE failed to advance beyond the critical $0.00000003693-resistance. Since BABYDOGE did not find legs to push higher, expect its price to settle down to immediate support levels as buyers take a pause.

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Over the near-mid term, BABYDOGE’s channel between $0.00000004401 and $0.00000002492 will be significant as buyers and sellers parley for market control. It will be interesting to see if any double tops/bottoms develop at these junctures. The same would add more clarity in terms of direction.

For either side, the outcome is pretty straightforward. Bulls would have to advance above $0.00000003693 and $0.00000004401 for a new ATH while bears have to push below $0.00000002853 and $0.00000002492 to assume market control. In the meantime, expect the 50-SMA (yellow) to help with an early recovery attempt.


The Bollinger Bands contracted nature suggested that the market was about to enter a squeeze. Bollinger Bands are based on the principle that periods of high market volatility are followed by periods of low volatility. This also allows an asset to establish important areas of support.

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Meanwhile, the Awesome Oscillator kept a bearish-neutral tone. However, expect bears to exert momentum until BABYDOGE tests $0.00000002853 support.


Baby Dogecoin was expected to trade between $0.00000004401 and $0.00000002492 in a close-knitted contest between buyers and sellers. Traders can take up long or short calls depending on the breakout direction mentioned on the chart.