BabyDoge Army donates a whopping $750k in 2021 to help save dogs

Sahana Kiran
Source: Unsplash

BabyDoge Coin [BabyDoge] was noted emerging as a prominent cryptocurrency. The consistent network developments, listings, and increase in token holders drove the coin to the top. Now, BabyDoge was making headlines for giving back to society.

Despite being relatively new to the crypto market, the BabyDoge network pledged to make a difference in the lives of animals. Over the last couple of months, the network made sure to join hands with shelters that tended to homeless animals. Altogether, the network donated about $750k in 2021 alone, to aid in the protection of dogs.

BabyDoge Media took to Twitter to elaborate on the details of the donations carried out throughout the year.

As seen in the tweet, the community had provided aid to about six charities that focused on helping homeless dogs.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) was BabyDoge’s most recent partnership. This partnership led to the network helping dogs part of ASPCA find their future homes. From rescuing pets to finding families for dogs, ASPCA has been in service since 1866 in New York.

BabyDoge’s generous move was lauded by many in the crypto community.

BabyDoge finally gets recognition from CoinGecko

Despite garnering over 1,120,000 token holders, the BabyDoge network wasn’t appropriately recognized by several platforms. However, addressing the community’s plea, CoinGecko finally updated information about the meme coin.

As per data curated by CoinGecko, the meme coin stands as the 148th largest cryptocurrency with a market cap of $648,600,364. At the time of writing, the coin was trading for $0.000000003956 with a 22.6% surge over the last 24-hours.

With the community and the altcoin raising awareness, amassing popularity, and recording significant growth in its price, the only thing remaining was a major listing. The BabyDoge community has been longing for prominent cryptocurrency exchange Binance to list the asset. However, Binance neither denied nor affirmed the listing of the token.