Base Dawgz Presale Hits $1.5M as Meme Coin Traders Take Notice

Joshua Ramos

The meme coin market has seen one newcomer burst onto the scene in the form of the play-to-earn token Base Dawgz (DAWGZ). Indeed, the asset has already raised more than $1.5 million in its presale, with traders anxiously awaiting how it could perform with its launch just around the corner.

Base Dawgz is a meme coin experience that is heavily inspired by retro video games like Tamagotchi. The pixelated game sees its users take care of their very own virtual pet. Moreover, the player’s ability to care for that virtual companion comes with rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Currenlty priced at $0.00502 for its presale, DAWGZ features a varied and tiered pricing system. Therefore, the asset should see its price continue to increase over the next day, as interest in the meme coin grows.

Base Dawgz: The Next Brett?

Currently featured on the Baset network, Base Dawgz has the chance to use its innovative infrastructure to challenge some of the platform’s most successful meme coins. Brett holds the blockchain’s top spot, with a $1.5 billion market cap coinciding with a 250% price increase throughout the last 30 days.

Brett boasts a lot of similar aspects to other top meme coin options, such as Pepe the Frog. Moreover, it benefits greatly from being one of Base’s early tokens. That ensured that Brett was given a slight head start, while Base Dawgz has worked tirelessly to close that gap.

Yet, DAWGZ is also set to benefit from its multi-chain approach. The meme cion will also launch Solana, Ethereum, BSC, and Avalanche. Therefore, it will increase its diversification, and keep it from the pitfalls of an overreliance on just one network.

Additionally, Base Dawgz is set to implement a revolutionary refer-to-earn model. This allows users to be rewarded by spreading the news about the asset. Specifically, users will be given a referral code, and earn a 10% commission for every referral that’s made.

Ultimately, those commissions will be paid in USDT and be given at the conclusion of the asset’s presale.

The feature will provide more incentives for users to grow the community. This should only be benefited by implemented staking that is currently in the works from DAWGZ development team.

Base Meme Coins Set to Surge Following Smart Wallet Launch

Both Base Dawgz and other Base network meme coins are poised to surge in value due to Coinbase’s recent announcements. Indeed, the network revealed the impending launch of its landmark Smart Wallet.

The product is set to be a massive game-changer for the more than 110 million users on the Coinbase platform. It will see users no longer rely on things like seed phrases, and instituted an updated onboarding process to increase adoption of the asset class.

This announcement is a big reason why tokens like Brett have increased over the last month. Additionally, fellow memecoin offering Besenji has surged more than 280%, while ChomCoin is up more than 750%.

The Smart Wallet should only increase the number of users heading to the Base network. In turn, the blockchain meme coin offerings are expected to enjoy tremendous growth. Cryptocurrency analyst CryptoBoy has recently predicted that this asset could see 100x gains in the near future.

While these aspects will certainly be of benefit, the token has immense potential for growth through its tokenomics.

Base Dawgz Tokenomics and Long-Term Growth

There is no denying that Base Dawgz has a lot of potential for growth in the short term, but it also has a notable long-term plan for growth. The growing momentum for its ongoing presale overlooks the tokenomiccs that could set it up to be a staple in the meme coin sector.

According to the Base Dawgz developers, 2-0% of the entire supply is earmarked for its presale. Additionally, 20% is earmarked for staking, while another 20% is for liquidity. The remaining supply is set to be distributed to the platform’s marketing, rewards, and various listings.

For more information on the project, ensure you follow Base Dawgz on X and join its Telegram for news and updates. Moreover, visit the token presale to get in on the ground floor of this promising meme coin.

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