Best NFT Games for iOS


NFTs have caused major transformations in the gaming industry. Not only are NFT games fun, but they also come with the chance for players to take part in virtual economies. Owing to their huge potential, companies keep releasing new games. As a result, finding the best game is not easy. On this page, we take a look at the best NFT games for iOS users.

How Do Players Use NFTs in Gaming?

In-game assets have a unique value in the NFT market. There, players can trade assets amongst themselves. In addition, some games award crypto tokens to players for accomplishing specific tasks. All this is possible in the evolving environment. Generally speaking, NFT games are the future of gaming.

Which Are the Best NFT Games for iOS Users?

iOS is more prevalent in America than any other operating system. However, not every user knows about the hidden opportunities in NFT games. With this in mind, we have put together a list of the most popular NFT games for iOS devices.

Axie Infinity

At the present time, no NFT game trumps Axie Infinity in terms of the number of players, popularity, or daily trading volume. For these reasons, it ranks at the top of our list. In the game, players raise, collect, trade or breed creatures known as Axies. It is important to realize that the goal in Axie infinity is collecting SLP tokens.

Download: Axie Infinity


In essence, Skyweaver is a card game in which players battle against one another. The cards you hold determine the powers at your disposal. In this regard, your aim in the game is to get the strongest cards. Moreover, a win in the game’s battles earns you tokens which you can trade for high-value cards.

Download: Skyweaver

Spells Of Genesis

The gameplay in Spells of Genesis comprises role-playing and cards. Events in the game take place in the make-believe world of Askian. There, players seek to outdo each other in staged battles. Equally important are the magical powers bestowed upon deserving members. More than 300 cards exist. Moreover, players get to take part in over 20 tournaments.

Download: Spells of Genesis

War Of Crypta

This game involves wars staged in a fantasy world. In the beginning, the game allows you to select four characters. At this point, the characters are in their basic forms. As the game progresses, they build up powers and develop special features. The unique feature in War of Crypta is the learning ability of the character you pick. At the start, they come as baby dragons, and by the time they are fully grown, they possess features and powers equal to the battles they have fought.

Download: War Of Crypta

Battle Racing Stars

Multiplayer racing games always have a thrill for players. In this game, you can compete with friends and earn tokens. As you go up the levels, new features and locations become available. Moreover, the game has many characters, each of which has unique features and strengths. Best of all, every asset in the game can be traded amongst the players.

Download: Battle Racing Stars