Best NFT Games on Android


The launch of NFT Games introduces limitless possibilities for gamers. Aside from playing the exciting games, you can also earn. The list of games that allow users to trade tokens in NTF marketplaces keeps growing each day. Currently, there are many games that are compatible with the Android platform. Read about them in the following sections.

Overview of NFTs

Non-Fungible tokens are cryptographic assets that exist on the blockchain with attached metadata and unique identification codes. In other words, they are unique digital possessions. And they come in many forms. Some of the most popular ones are animations, gifs, digital art, music, and collectibles.

How NFTs Have Changed the Gaming Industry

Before NFTs, assets in a particular game only had use in the player’s account. That is to say that the assets would lose value if the player took an interest in another game. Now, players can trade digital assets used in the games on popular NFT marketplaces. Simply put, it is a whole new economy for gamers.

NFT Games for Android Users

Mobile gaming is popular across the world for good reasons. For starters, mobile phones are cheap. Therefore, anyone can start playing. In addition, gamers are not restricted to one place when playing the games. You can open games on your phone while you are on the move.

Ready to enjoy NFT gaming on mobile? Here are some popular NFT games you can open on your Android phone.  

Battle Racing Stars

Racing car games are an all-time favorite. And now, the NFT market has a game that allows players to trade valuables that can be used in the Battle Racing Stars. Enjoy competing with friends on the latest release from Halfbrick Studios.

Forest Knight

In this game, you need strategy and wit to assemble the best team. After that, take an epic adventure across the fantasy world of Chronville. By definition, Forest Knight is a turn-based strategy game that evolves with time.

League of Kingdoms

In League of Kingdoms, you have the chance to own a piece of the fantasy League of Kingdoms world. Granted that you come to terms with a friendly neighbor, you can join forces and conquer other players. In addition, you can vote in leaders through a fair voting process.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis fall under role-playing games. Your end goal here is to collect cards and form a squad with special powers. After that, use your squad to defeat opponents. Cards can be traded amongst players on the blockchain and turned into real crypto tokens. As a result, playing Spells of Genesis is not only fun but also profitable. The game includes a challenge mode for the ultimate test of strategy. Here, you take a series of quests and climb the leaderboard, depending on how well you can play the game.  


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Spilterlands is by far the most advanced NFT game for the Android platform. Players earn DEC tokens by winning tournaments and events in the game. As for gameplay, you need to collect a deck of cards and join the fast and furious world of Splinterlands.