Best VeChain Wallets

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VeChain is a blockchain platform specially designed to smoothen supply-chain management through DLTs (distributed ledger technologies). This platform helps consumers and retailers by removing fake products in the supply chain and authenticating product quality.

All sensitive product information like material source, servicing history, and location is verified and recorded through it. VeChain VET is the primary method of transferring value on this platform. You will need a VeChain wallet to store your VeChain VET while trading on the platform.

Here are Some of the Best VeChain Wallets

Atomic Wallet

This is a reliable desktop wallet available for Mac, Windows, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora. The Atomic Wallet allows atomic swaps not exceeding 200 coins at a go. This wallet supports Changelly and ShapeShift. With it, you can store, receive, and send VET coins. It is a safe platform because all the private details are encrypted and stored on your desktop.

Furthermore, Atomic wallet allows you to add your ERC-20 tokens. Thanks to its advanced features, this wallet supports P2P transactions and has an intelligent user interface. Besides, it is a user-friendly wallet.

Key Features

  • It has touch buttons and a small OLED display that helps you secure your VET coins.
  • It is safe, with all transactions displayed on the screen and subjected to a rigorous authentication process.
  • All your crypto information is secured by a PIN code, enhancing this wallet’s safety.

VeChain Thor Wallet

This is a mobile wallet. You can download the VeChain Thor Wallet easily on your iOS or Android mobile device. What makes this wallet unique is its simplicity— lightweight and manageable. This wallet easily connects you to the VeChain blockchain network. It is also safe, secured by a sophisticated 2FA authentication process.

Key Features

  • This wallet has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It facilitates receiving and sending for both VET and VTHO coins.
  • It has an in-built swap function. This means that you can swap other tokens for VET without trading with other users.
  • It allows you to earn VTHO coins through various rewards. You can earn VTHO by storing VET coins in the wallet for an extended period.

Guarda Wallet

This is a VeChain wallet that supports a wide range of coins and tokens. Established in 2017, Guarda has grown tremendously and now supports staking too. When using this wallet, you can stake for KMD, CLO, and XTZ. It also allows users to sell, buy, and sell crypto within the wallet. This wallet is available on Mobile, Web, and Desktop versions. You can also use its Chrome plugin. What makes this wallet ideal is that it has extensive security features. It is also easy to transfer coins from one person to another.

Trust VeChain Wallet

This is a VeChain wallet for both VET and VTHO. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. When using iOS, download it from Apple Store; Android users can get it on Google Play or APK Android. It has fascinating features that make it easy to store your VET coins. With this wallet, all the private keys are locally stored on your mobile device. It also supports both ERC223 and ERC20 tokens.