Biden For Bitcoin? POTUS ‘Laser Eyes’ Coffee Mug Causes Buzz

Sahana Kiran
Source – Wallpapersden

The global crypto industry has been receiving attention and endorsements from various sources. However, a specific endorsement, or perhaps an unintended one for Bitcoin by U.S. President Joe Biden has sparked turmoil within the industry.

On Aug. 3, Biden posted a promotional video for his reelection campaign’s merchandise. In the video captioned “A cup of Joe never tasted better,” the President can be seen enjoying a cup of coffee. However, what has the Bitcoin community buzzing is not the coffee but the mug he is using. This particular coffee mug features an image of Biden with the famous glowing red ‘laser eyes.’ This is a widely recognized symbol beloved by the Bitcoin community used to show their support for the king coin.

Following this, the crypto community swiftly responded and started commenting on Biden’s recent post. Many expressed excitement and delight, while a few others remained speculative. Nevertheless, some even went so far as to label it as the “most significant Bitcoin endorsement in history.”

Numerous politicians have been incorporating Bitcoin or crypto in their campaigns. Most recently, Presidential candidate and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized Biden’s Administration for its perceived “war” on BTC. As a result, some speculators believe that Biden might be making a strategic move to appeal to Bitcoin maximalists in response to such criticisms. Some individuals even hinted at the possibility of a positive outlook for all the pending Bitcoin exchange-traded fund [ETF] applications.

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Bitcoin and ‘Laser Eyes’

The ‘laser eyes’ meme gained traction on social media during a campaign to push Bitcoin’s price to $100,000. This was during the end of 2021. The target was clearly not met but the trend carried on. Prominent figures such as Tom Brady, Paris Hilton, and Elon Musk have previously shown ‘laser eyes’ as a symbol of their positive stance on BTC and crypto in general.

Additionally, it is improbable that Biden’s latest post serves as an endorsement for Bitcoin. The term “Dark Brandon” originates from a more daring, meme-based online persona of Biden. This is frequently employed by his supporters to highlight his policy successes.

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