Biden & Trump To Discuss Cryptocurrency in the Upcoming Debate?

Sahana Kiran

This year’s presidential elections are turning out to be interesting. More so for the cryptocurrency industry. The U.S. has remained confused and stringent when it comes to the digital asset sector. But a number of politicians have openly embraced cryptocurrencies in a new turn of events. Former President Donald Trump was one of them, whose shift in favor of the market surprised a lot of people. Joe Biden also jumped in on the trend after Trump’s progress. While several believe that this was an attempt by both parties to get votes, a few others are hoping to hear Bitcoin talk in the upcoming presidential debate.

Biden and Trump will take part in the first presidential debate of this year. CNN will serve as the host, and it takes place on Thursday, June 27 at 9 p.m. ET. These candidates will be participating in their first debate since 2020. Dana Bash and Jake Tapper of CNN are moderating. It was said by the network that the moderators “will use all tools at their disposal to enforce timing and ensure a civil discussion.”

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Will Biden & Trump ‘Stand With Crypto?’

They are expected to have discussions about an array of topics, and one of them may be cryptocurrency. Stand With Crypto is a prominent cryptocurrency advocacy organization, and they sent out a letter-writing campaign online to get CNN anchors to bring up cryptocurrency. The letter has now amassed nearly 2,300 signatures. The letter read,

“Giving the major presidential candidates a chance to weigh in on this transformational technology in the first debate would go a long way towards educating the electorate and helping American crypto owners cast an informed ballot.”

This wasn’t all. Spokeswoman Sabrina Siddiqui highlighted the importance of bringing up cryptocurrency and said,

“It would be a huge miss for CNN to punt this opportunity to let Americans know where the presidential candidates stand on this important economic issue.”

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