Bill Perkins Net Worth

Bill Perkins Net Worth

Curious about how other multimillionaires make their money? You know what they say: the five people you hang out with the most are what you become.

So, if you hang out with losers, you’ll adopt loser habits. If you hang out with winners, you’ll be more likely to become a winner.

Bill Perkins Net Worth

Well, today we’re going to hopefully influence a few circles out there by highlighting the net worth of well-known businessman Bill Perkins.

Who knows, this story might inspire someone.

Keep reading as we tackle: what is Bill Perkins’s net worth?

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How did Bill Perkins make his money?

Perkins made his wealth during the year of 2002. He partnered with a good friend of his who started a new hedge fund called Centaurus Energy.

In a few short years and $1 billion later, Bill Perkins made millions trading profits for that particular firm.

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What is Bill Perkins famous for?

Good old Billy is known as the cowboy of Wall Street. He is famous for being an incredible American hedge fund manager; he’s also known as a producer and of course a poker player from Texas.

Bill Perkins Net Worth

What is Bill‘s Perkins net worth in 2024

In 2024, Bill Perkins is worth around $110 million.

Of course, when you search it seems like there is a wide range in terms of the dollar amount he’s brought in.

He’s made over $1 billion trading so we’re talking commissions alone, so there’s probably a few million there. We’d say that he’s probably sitting at a definite net worth of over $100 million, but maybe not exactly over the billion-dollar mark.

Bill Perkins Net Worth


In conclusion, Bill Perkins’ business acumen and earnings are quite impressive. It’s not every day that someone can say, “Oh, I traded over $1 billion”.

The fun thing about highlighting various people and their net worth is that you get to see the things they’ve had to do to get to where they are.

It’s not so easy to think that people are just giving money when sometimes there’s a whole journey that makes it worth a ride.