Binance Announces Launch of Prepaid Crypto Card in Colombia

Joshua Ramos
Source: Binance

The largest crypto exchange on the planet, Binance has announced the launch of a prepaid crypto card in Colombia. Moreover, this is now the third Latin American country that has access to the Binance crypto card. Joining both Argentina and Brazil.

The implemented card allows the conversion of digital assets into fiat in real-time, and at the point of sale. Additionally, the card is accepted at more than 90 million merchants across the world, and online, according to a press release issued today.

Source: Binance

Binance Announces Crypto Card in Colombia

The largest crypto exchange platform by trading volume has continued its mission of cryptos mainstream adoption. Now, through the further expansion of countries that have access to one of its most impressive products. Specifically, Binance has announced the launch of a prepaid crypto card in Colombia.

The country now stands as the third in Latin America to have access to the crypto card, alongside both Argentina and Brazil. Moreover, it allows for real-time conversion to fiat in “one of Binance’s top markets boasting high levels of crypt adoption.”

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“The prepaid crypto card is part of Binance’s ongoing effort to bridge the growing crypto ecosystem with traditional financial infrastructure,” the press release stated. Additionally, noting the card is currently in beta testing, and should find a wider release soon.

The prepaid crypto card is issued by Movii, and allows both new and existing Binance users in the country to make purchases, and even pay bills, with crypto. “Users can enjoy a seamless transaction experience whereby their cryptocurrencies are converted to fiat in real-time at the point of purchase.” Additionally, users get up to 8% cashback in crypto on certain purchases and see no fees on ATM withdrawals.