Binance Announces Users Can Now Buy Crypto Using Apple Pay and Google Pay

Joshua Ramos
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Source: The Economic Times

In their recent Binance Build update, the platform announced that users can now buy cryptocurrencies using both Apple Pay and Google Pay. The reveal notes that users can use these popular payment services to make the purchase of the cryptocurrencies offered by the exchange.

The move is a strong step toward improving the accessibility of the service, as well as the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency investing. Moreover, the update was posted with replies already affirming that they’ve used the feature and that it worked successfully.

Binance Introduces Apple Pay and Google Pay Feature

The rising prominence of payment applications has been a noticeable development in the financial sector over recent years. Consumers are utilizing these kinds of applications more frequently than ever before, and their implementation into the cryptocurrency world has been a steady one.

Subsequently, the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform by volume is implementing them in a massive way. In their latest Binance Build Tweet, Binance has announced that users can now purchase cryptocurrencies with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

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Both of the mobile wallets are among the most popular on the market and surely open up the potential for a vast market share of users interested in digital assets. Apple Pay alone boasts 43.9 million users, according to Comparatively, Google Pay boasts 25 million through the same data, standing as first and second in total users for digital wallets, respectively.

Moreover, the introduction of these mobile wallets to the world of cryptocurrency marks another step forward in the mainstream accessibility of digital assets. With the ease of usage that this kind of update provides, there is the potential for the greatest customer acquisition into the world of crypto for Binance, and the industry as a whole.