Binance Delists Multiple Coins, Binance Feed on Full Fledge

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Binance Delists Multiple Coins, Binance Feed on Full Fledge
Source: Cryptoslate

Every listed asset on Binance’s platform is periodically examined to ensure that it continues to adhere to the high standards established by the exchange.

However, the exchange delists a coin when the periodic review determines that it no longer satisfies the standards that have been established. The exchange claims that this procedure prevents users from investing their money in any deteriorating projects.

The exchange takes into account a number of variables during the review, including the team’s dedication to the project, development activity, trading volume, liquidity, network security, and public relations.

A cryptocurrency may be taken off of Binance’s exchange if it doesn’t meet the outlined requirements. Users can feel more secure investing their money in any cryptocurrency listed on the platform because Binance has strict guidelines for new cryptocurrency listings. The platform always lists prospective new coins for users to check out, even when it delists some coins.

As per the latest delisting announcement, here are the coins that Binance delisted today:

  • FET
  • KEY
  • MBOX
  • WIN as Borrowable Assets From Cross Margin
  • AION and BTS from isolated margin

Binance Feed – The exchange’s attempt to make content more accessible

Binance launched the Binance feed on September 28, 2022. The homepage was redesigned to allow easy access for its mobile users to various Web3 contents in the palm of their hands.

The feed will feature over 650 cryptocurrency personalities, along with analysts, Web3 projects, and other latest insights, events, and news. Initially, it was only available to mobile users. However, the exchange has recently launched its web version.