Binance Obtains Regulatory Approval to Provide Crypto Services in Poland

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Binance Obtains Regulatory Approval to Provide Crypto Services in Poland
Source: Binance

Binance has established its name and user base around the world. Global regulators have undoubtedly become more interested in cryptocurrencies as their popularity has risen. International cryptocurrency exchanges are securing operating permits from regulatory bodies in a number of nations. Regulatory approval is also being given for these exchanges by forward-thinking nations so they can flourish there.

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2023 is proving to be a great beginning for Binance, as it recently obtained regulatory approval in Sweden on January 11. Now, according to the details of an official announcement, the global exchange has been granted a virtual asset provider license in Poland.

Binance can provide its crypto services in Poland

Binance can now operate and provide services in Poland, and is fully compliant with the local regulatory standards for virtual asset service providers in the country.

“We welcome the initiatives of the Polish government towards regulation.” Working together with regulators globally, we can ensure that consumers are protected while continuing to cultivate innovation and progress. “And we at Binance continue improving our security systems and following the strictest KYC requirements in the industry, which enhances the safety of all our users,” the exchange stated in the announcement.

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With the new approval, Poland has been added to the list of the growing number of EU member states that have provided approval for the exchange. The registration in Poland is additionally followed by the exchange’s registration in Sweden, France, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Cyprus, and Poland.