Binance to List Saitama After Certik’s SaitaMask Audit is Complete?

Vinod Dsouza
Binance to list Saitama Inu
Rumours are swirling around the crypto world that Binance could list Saitama.

Reports are doing the rounds that Binance might list Saitama on their platform once Certik’s SaitaMask audit is complete. The latest update shows that SaitaMask audit is currently under process with a near 85% completion. The audit is expected to be 100% completed by end of January or February 2022.

Cryptocurrency influencers are sharing ‘inside details‘ about the development claiming that Binance listing Saitama after SaitmaMask audit is “imminent”.

“Binance listing of #Saitama imminent. They will list before Certik finishes. #Binance owns #Certik so they are in the loop! Get ready for some fireworks. This will be a catalyst to a super cycle price run!!,” tweeted Quantum Saitama.

Many other Saitama influencers have shared similar details about an upcoming Saitama listing on Binance. Tweets and videos on YouTube about the listing has made its way urging investors to hold on to their SAITA assets.

There’s no doubt that a Binance listing will boost Saitama’s prospects as it would open the floodgates of new investors. It’s price could propel and reach a new all time high and reward early investors with fistful of dollars.

Nonetheless, Binance has not confirmed listing Saitama nor given a hint about the upcoming listing. We will have to wait and watch for an official confirmation from Binance about listing Saitama. Until that happens, the talks on social media can be taken as pure hearsay and rumours.

Also, Saitama’s official Twitter handle confirmed that the SaitaMask audit is near completion with 85%. “Hey Fam, another (success) for #SaitamaWolfPack. We are heading to get the final result soon. Patient is Key.”

The development has thrilled the investors’ community and believe that Saitama is headed towards the right direction. Getting in early on Saitama could deliver the desired financial results in the long run.

Saitama To Release A ‘Crypto to Card Payment System’?

Reports are doing the rounds on social media that Saitama would release a ‘crypto to card payment system’. The development would eliminate the middle man and lower the fees for users.

Crypto and stock market analyst Del Crxpto tweeted, “911 News Alert: $SAITA In the future, $SAITA is planning to release a crypto to card payment system that will aim to eliminate middle men and lower fees for users.”

At the time of publishing, Saitama was trading at $0.000000038142 and is down -1.6% in the 24-hours day trade. The token is down -51.3% since the last 30-trading days and down -39.7% since the last 14-trading days. However, it is up +146,791.1% from its all time low of $0.000000000026 which it fell to on July 7, 2021.