Bitcoin Argentina Is Bringing Bitcoin Education to 40 Schools Across the Country

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Bitcoin Argentina Is Bringing Bitcoin Education to 40 Schools Across the Country
Source: Bitcoin News

Bitcoin project in Argentina is looking to spread Bitcoin education, starting with 40 schools across the country.

Bloomberg Linea made the announcement to launch bitcoin education to over 4,000 students from different schools. NGO Bitcoin Argentina began the initiative in collaboration with Built with Bitcoin. The entire concept is to spread awareness about the largest cryptocurrency by market value to the students of Argentina.

Source: Cryptopost

An initiative to educate about bitcoin

Jimena Vallone, a coordinator of Institutional Development of Bitcoin Argentina, said that the teachers and students displayed tremendous interest in learning about Bitcoin in a previous pilot project.

There is a desire to innovate, to know what is happening with Bitcoin and blockchain, and to train and learn. All this was the starting point to start thinking about the project, which begins with 40 schools, but we hope to have a larger number. It is designed to serve more and more educational institutions, with different characteristics and regions.

Jimena Vallone

The entire goal of the initiative is to reach as many provinces as they can. The initiative will be active till 2023, as the interest in the educational program is already visible from various schools and government agencies.

Source: CNBC

According to the announcement, Argentina’s inflation has exceeded a whopping 55%. To add to that, a policy was implemented in 2019 that restricted pesos to dollar exchange limits of $200 per month. The entire situation urged the Argentinians to seek out cryptocurrencies. There was nothing they could do to beat the soaring inflation other than pour their money into cryptocurrency and stablecoin.

Decentralized financing has benefits and advantages that go beyond the macroeconomic situation of a region, such as Argentina and inflation.

Jimena Vallone

The educational initiative will raise the necessary awareness about bitcoin and its underlying technology.