Bitcoin Hitman: Doctor Admits Paying BTC for Murder of Girlfriend

Sahana Kiran
Source – Unsplash

In a startling case that reveals the murky side of crypto, a 54-year-old physician from Georgia has pleaded guilty to a murder-for-hire plot. This case took an unexpected turn due to an $8,000 Bitcoin [BTC] error. Dr. James Wan, who specializes in internal medicine, has confessed to engaging a hitman through the dark web with the intention of eliminating his girlfriend. However, the plan took a dramatic twist when he mistakenly sent the crypto asset to an incorrect wallet address.

The sinister plot began to unfold on April 18, 2022. During this time, Dr. Wan ventured into the dark corners of the web to contract the services of a hitman. His disturbing request provided explicit instructions for the murder. This even included directives to take the victim’s belongings, shoot her, make a quick escape, or simply steal her car. The request contained detailed personal information about the victim, including her name, address, social media profiles, and vehicle details.

To proceed with this nefarious plan, Dr. Wan was required to make a 50% downpayment, amounting to $8,000 in Bitcoin. However, a critical error occurred when he entered the wrong Bitcoin wallet address. This further resulted in the loss of the initial payment. Upon realizing his mistake, Dr. Wan expressed his frustration, exclaiming,

“Damn. I guess I lost $8k. I’m sending $8k to escrow now.”

Subsequently, he promptly sent another $8,000 to the correct wallet address, ultimately gaining approval from the dark web hitman. When queried about his preference for the manner of the murder, whether it should appear as an accident or a regular shooting, Dr. Wan chillingly responded, “Accident is better.” Following this, he sent an additional $8,000 worth of Bitcoin to fulfill the payment for the sinister contract.

FBI steps in to address this murder

To Dr. Wan’s surprise, the Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] had uncovered his malevolent scheme. Keri Farley, a special agent with the FBI’s Atlanta division, praised the exceptional work of the law enforcement team. He remarked that, despite Dr. Wan’s attempts to hide on the dark web, his cold-hearted murder plan was thwarted.

Following the FBI’s timely intervention, Dr. Wan’s girlfriend was safeguarded, and he was subsequently apprehended. During the questioning that followed, the doctor admitted to arranging the hit but later decided to cancel it. Dr. Wan is scheduled to face sentencing on Jan. 18, where he will confront the full legal consequences of his heinous actions.

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