Bitcoin Payment App Strike Extends its Presence to Over 65 Countries

Vignesh Karunanidhi
Bitcoin Payment App Strike Extends its Presence to Over 65 Countries
Source: Yahoo Finance

The Bitcoin Conference 2023, which happened from May 18–20 in Miami Beach, brought together thousands of BTC supporters and speakers from around the world. Key announcements and collaborations were also made at the conference.

According to the latest announcement made by Strike CEO Jack Makkers at the conference on Friday, the Bitcoin-focused payments platform is expanding to over 65 countries.

Source: El Cronista

Strike expands to 65+ countries from three

Mallers unveiled that the current expansion will make Strike accessible to almost 3 billion people.

Manuela Rios, Strike’s vice president of product, told CoinDesk that “Our end goal is to address the 7 to 8 billion people in every single country.” “If you are in the United States, the apps are gorgeous; there’s a really high bar for design.”Unfortunately, that’s not the case when you download apps abroad.”

Rio also stated that the new users will witness a seamless onboarding experience on the app, which, according to Rio, has been in the works for years. Additionally, the Strike app uses a culmination of Bitcoin and the Lighting network that allows users to conduct quick and cheap transactions. With this expansion, users across the globe, including Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc., can access the app.