Bitcoin: Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Says BTC Can Replace the US Dollar

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Jack Dorsey’s Block Unveils Plans To Build a Bitcoin Lightning Infrastructure
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Notable Bitcoin enthusiast and Twitter founder Jack Dorsey has recently said that BTC could one day replace the US Dollar. Indeed, the notable tech mogul recently discussed his hope for the leading cryptocurrency during a recent talk in Tuscany, Italy.

There, Dorsey talked about the digital asset, and its potential to completely change global finance. During the talk, Dorsey lauded the future of Bitcoin. He stated that it has the potential to grow beyond the West, and establish greater use cases as a true unit of value.

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Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Sees Global Dominacne in Bitcoin’s Future

Throughout 2024, Bitcoin has continued to establish itself atop the cryptocurrency market. It was the first crypto to get its own Spot ETF approval and set a new all-time mark this year. Moreover, Standard Chartered Bank recently predicted the token to break through the $100,000 level by November.

Speaking at a recent event about Bitcoin, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey said that BTC could one day replace the US Dollar. The event, hosted by music-producing icon Rick Rubin, saw Dorsey discuss his optimism regarding adoption and integration of the leading crypto.

“It’s going to take some time,” Dorsey told those in attendance. “It’s not 10 years, it might be 15. Little by little, people see the value of this system, why it’s so powerful.” That was when Dorsey discussed its potential to dethrone the greenback as the most dominant currency in the world.

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“It could potentially… compliment or replace the US dollar, which rules everything,” Dorsey said. He also noted the importance of shifting global reliance on currencies like the dollar and China’s yuan. “These are two entities that control the value of your money, and you don’t elect them,” he said. “Whereas Bitcoin, you have a lot more control and a lot more free agency.”

Dorsey recently predicted that BTC would reach a value of $1 million by the year 2030. An optimistic prediction, the Twitter founder said, “I do think it hits that number and goes beyond.”