Just in: BitMart to List Safemoon V2 within the Next 12-Hours

Vinod Dsouza
BitMart lists Safemoon V2 (SFM)
Source: Pixabay

BitMart announced that it would list Safemoon V2 (SFM) on its platform within the next 12-hours. The exchange platform is supporting the V1 to V2 migration automatically and users don’t have to manually transfer them.

The deposits will open at 11:00 AM EST and the SFM/USDT pair will be available for users at 12:00 PM EST.

“#BitMart is thrilled to announce supporting #SAFEMOONV2 migration. We will list @safemoon v2 (SFM) within 12 hours. Deposit opens at 11:00 AM on 1/11 EST. $SFM/USDT pair will be available at 12:00 PM on 1/11 EST,” they tweeted.

“BitMart will support SafeMoon token swap from V1 to V2, providing users with a swap service. So users on the platform can complete the exchange without any actions. BitMart will distribute new tokens according to the ratio afterward, based on the snapshot records. The conversion ratio of SafeMoon v1 (SAFEMOON) and SAFEMOON v2 (SFM) is 1000:1,” further details on BitMart’s website read.

Safemoon traded in green after the news of the listing was out and is now up +3.6%. New investments are expected to pour in on the DeFi token after the listing goes live and positively affect its price. SFM (V2) has pressed all the right buttons since its upgradation and the price is moving in the right direction.

CEO John Karony is actively involved in giving updates about the migration. He’s also keeping in touch with all the happenings of the token to its users. The Safemoon community is much stronger post the V2 update and a sense of positivity is in the air. The most famous DeFi token is also up +35.4% since the last 14-trading days despite the market crash.

Safemoon V2

Safemoon is nearing the 3 million holders mark and not everyone has moved their tokens from V1 to V2. Around half a million holders have migrated their tokens from V1 to V2 at present. The consolidation option to V2 is still open and users need to manually transfer their tokens to the new platform.

A detailed step-by-step guide on how to manually transfer your Safemoon tokens from V1 to V2 is here. The process is simple and not complicated if the instructions are followed.

At the time of publishing, Safemoon was trading at $0.00234008 and is up +3.6% in the 24-hours day trade.