BlackRock Attracts Mainstream Investors To Invest in Bitcoin ETF

Vinod Dsouza
Source: Financial News London

The $9 trillion asset manager BlackRock, which owns the iShares Bitcoin Trust is attracting new and mainstream investors into Bitcoin ETF. The iShares Bitcoin Trust launched an advertising campaign on Tuesday showing the benefits of BTC ETF to mainstream and younger investors. BlackRock offered Bitcoin ETF services to institutional clients and is now looking at attracting a new batch of younger investors.

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BlackRock has classified Bitcoin ETF as an investment class and not a speculative asset in the ad campaign. It equates Bitcoin ETF to commodities, currency, stocks, and bonds standardizing it as an investment class.

Bloomberg’s ETF Analyst Eric Balchunas took to X calling the BlackRock’s iShares Trust campaign simple yet effective. He referred to the BlackRock’s ad campaign as “hey fellow kids,” come look at and invest in Bitcoin ETF.

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“New IBIT ad just dropped. IMO simple, modern, effective,” tweeted Bloomberg analyst Balchunas. He continued, “In sweet spot but boring legacy fund co ad and ‘hey fellow kids’ type stuff. Strong advisor-friendly vibes. BlackRock on brink of pulling away as the category liquidity king, going for kill with more ads makes sense,” he said.

BlackRock Looks To Make Bitcoin ETF Investment Mainstream

blackrock bitcoin btc etf
Source: Coinsturn

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the Bitcoin ETF in mid-January. An influx of funds flooded Bitcoin making the asset reach a new high of $52,000 in February this month. If BlackRock succeeds in its campaign to attract new and young investors, BTC could shoot up further in price.

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However, attracting younger investors into BTC ETF is a task as it is priced beyond reach for the average investor. Therefore, the risk of taking an entry position into the ETF is high as younger investors cannot afford the money. BlackRock’s Spot BTC now holds more than $1 billion worth of Bitcoin in February 2024.