BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust Relisted on the DTCC

Source: Coinsturn

After being delisted earlier today and the DTCC website being down for some time, BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin trust has been relisted on the DTCC. Following its delisting earlier, Bitcoin quickly dropped below $34,000. The Depositary Trust and Clearing Corporation website is now back up as well with no issues.

On Monday, BlackRock’s proposed iShares Bitcoin Trust was added to the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation’s (DTCC) reference database with the IBTC ticker symbol. However, earlier today, IBTC was removed from the DTCC’s listings without explanation. The sudden changes have caused a whirlwind in BTC price, seeing it soar to over $35,000 and then sink just hours later to under $34,000. With the listing being back up, BTC should start to creep back towards $35,000 entering Wednesday.

Several asset managers have filed for spot bitcoin ETFs, but none have been approved. BlackRock is one of these managers that are hoping for approval by the SEC. The regulator recently dropped its lawsuit against Ripple XRP executives, giving a good sign to asset managers of the future of Spot Bitcoin ETF applications. SEC Chair Gensler has also said the SEC is working through applications for the Bitcoin ETFs, likely including BlackRock’s. However, the regulator did charge the asset Manager today with failing to disclose investments properly

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The speculation that fueled the recent rally seems to be slowly cooling down. Bitcoin is now trading at just above $33,900.