BNB Chain and Google Cloud Partner to Boost Web3 Technology


BNB Chain and Google Cloud have agreed to a new partnership, the CEO of Binance shared on Wednesday. The new partnership aims to support the growth of early-stage Web3 and blockchain startups.

According to a BNB Chain press release, projects based on the smart chain can now access Google Cloud. This includes the ability to analyze data on the chain as well as encrypt chain information through the cloud service. In addition, around 150 projects under a BNB-focused accelerator program will also get “accelerated access” to Google Cloud’s startup support program, according to the release.

“Google Cloud is a very good Web2 player and has really done a lot of Web3 stuff. It’s important for us to just work with big players who have big visions, and we share the same DNA and same visions,” says Gwendolyn Regina, investment director of BNB Chain.

Google has taken more steps towards the web3 world in 2022 already. In May, Google began assembling a team to build Blockchain services, which could be the first choice for blockchain developers. Google also began exploring crypto as a payment option at the beginning of the year. It has yet to fully implement the idea.

Google has yet to comment on the new collaboration with BNB Chain. A timeline for the collaboration’s goals is not available quite yet either.