Board Ape Yacht Club NFT Releases Updated Roadmap

board ape

Recently, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), the limited NFT collection that has been on a massive tear. The team behind the project has now updated the road map. In a tweet to their over 150,000 followers, they announced their roadmap 2.0.

So What does Board Ape Yacht Club NFT have in Store for its Members?

The team posted their road map in a classic image on Twitter. The image consisted of islands strips surrounded by a meandering river. The river denotes the different stages of development that BAYC intends to cover in the near and far future. 

Board Ape Yacht Club NFT (BAYC) Roadmap 2.0

  1. At the start of the river, on the bottom left part of the image, the team talks about collaborations and important partnerships. However, they do not mention any names.
  2. One male ape is traveling on a swamp boat headed for a Yacht filled with more apes. The apes seem to be at a party. According to this information, the team has plans for an Ape Festival, which runs from October 31st through November 6th. The Ape Fest will take place in New York City. 
  3. After the Ape Festival, BAYC and the Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) will sponsor mobile competition. This is depicted by Ape hands protruding out of the ground and holding a phone with ‘PLAY” on the screen. The team has given no timeline for this event yet. 
  4. Further down the river, a monkey sits down with its hands in chains. The chain is tethered to a peg on the ground. This signals the “Jimmy the Monkey Puzzle” for the BAYC community. The label beside the monkey indicates that “Trial of Jimmy the Monkey” will happen simultaneously with the prologue of MD vs. MMI.
  5. Around the bend of the river where the monkey sits is a robot hand sticking out of the ground. This appears to be the first round of the MD vs. MMI event. 
  6. Further down the river, a bored ape and mutant ape stand together with a label saying “BAYC/MAYC 3D models”. This seems to point to the much anticipated 3D models for the BAYC apes. There are expectations that the 3D ape models will be created in VRM format. VRM is a file format that can be supported by VRoid studio/hub. It is precisely for 3D avatar data for Virtual Reality applications. This is huge because it shows the BAYC universe is growing. 

Final Battle

7. Another robot limb, a leg this time, is present on the map. This denotes the final battle between MD and MMI. (No dates have been specified).

8. The BAYC apes and Cyberkongz VX host a Miami SandBox event in 2035. This is going to happen almost at the same time as a Trezor hunt for the community.

9. A Miami Clubhouse meet-up follows this for the member of the BAYC. Additionally, this meet-up is in real life.

10. Last but not least, BAYC is working on a blockchain game (based on the BAYC ecosystem), which they expect to release after the Miami real-life meet-up.

11. Finally, BAYC plans to launch its own Decentralized Autonomous Organization, the BAYC DAO.


In summary, the BAYC developers have good things in store for their members and the growth of their ecosystem. Nevertheless, the team did not give any dates for most of the events on the roadmap.