BRICS: Bangladesh Receives Support From Brazil to Join Alliance

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BRICS is looking to expand its alliance in 2024, and Bangladesh may be the latest frontrunner expecting an invite. The South Asian nation is now receiving more support from Brazil to join the alliance in 2024. Brazil’s Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira spoke at a press conference with Bangladeshi counterpart Hasan Mahmud, saying that BRICS inviting Bangladesh to the bloc could be a positive.

Specifically, Viera says that Dhaka shares the principles and positions of current BRICS members. He adds that with the country growing its voice in the global south, Bangladesh can make a significant contribution to the alliance in multiple ways.

The Bangladesh and Brazil foreign ministers met to discuss increasing trade between the two countries. They also spoke about further developing bilateral relations. Furthermore, the two foreign ministers signed an agreement on new ways and means of cooperation to ensure balanced trade, according to Prensa Latina.

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The BRICS alliance has been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years. Following the invitations to multiple new members, BRICS is continuing its development of a new global currency. This new currency will look to rival and abandon the US dollar, as well as build BRICS’ support system. Now that members reach beyond the standard initials, the bloc may also be looking to expand its reach in the global south with the addition of Bangladesh.

BRICS are expected to discuss further expansion and send invites during their upcoming summit this summer. The BRICS summit will be held in Russia this year, with Brazil and other bloc leaders in attendance.