BRICS Offers Bonds Worth $28 Billion in Local Currency, Not US Dollar

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The BRICS bank, commonly called the New Development Bank (NDB) is preparing to launch new bonds in the global markets. The soon-to-be-released bonds launched by BRICS will be called ‘Maharaja Bonds’ and made available for governments, financial institutions, and regular investors. Interestingly, the BRICS bonds will be available for purchase in local currencies and not the US dollar. BRICS is advancing in its de-dollarization initiatives by putting roadblocks on the prospects of the US dollar.

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The alliance will offer the BRICS bonds for the tune of $28 billion in local currencies, sidelining the US dollar. The development will strengthen local currencies and give their respective native economies a boost. Investments in local currencies will enter the BRICS bank aiding their motives of a world away from the US dollar.

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BRICS Bank To Offer ‘Maharaja Bonds’ Worth $28 Billion in Local Currencies, Sideline US Dollar

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The New Development Bank is working towards launching the Maharaja Bonds after receiving approval from the regulatory authorities. Vladimir Kazbekov, the Chief Operating Officer of NDB confirmed that the bank is awaiting approvals from the regulatory body. Read here to know how many sectors in the US will be affected if BRICS stops using the dollar.

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In addition, the BRICS bank is raising fresh funds worth $3 billion in local currencies and not the US dollar. Moreover, the funds will be used to provide loans for developing countries to aid their infrastructural projects. The loans will be disbursed to the beneficiary in local currencies ending reliance on the US dollar.

“This will be a medium-term program through which NDB aims to raise resources in local currency up to $3 billion over the next five years. We will use these resources primarily to finance private-sector projects. Regulatory approvals for the maiden NDB bond offering are awaited and will likely be completed soon,” said Kazbekov.