BRICS: Putin Re-elected as President of Russia

Joshua Ramos
russia president vladimir putin
Source: CNN

Amid its BRICS 2024 Chairmanship, Vladimir Putin has been re-elected as President of Russia. Indeed, Putin has won 87% of the final vote and is now set to serve his fifth term in office for Moscow. The election victory secures another six-year term for Putin.

According to officials, the election had seen the highest voter turnout since 1991, with Putin reporting unchallenged public support for his return to the presidency. An exit poll broadcast saw his victory surpass the previous 77% support that he received in 2018.

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Putin Re-Elected as Russia’s President

The BRICS economic alliance has enjoyed perhaps its most fruitful year in 2023. Its growth efforts and de-dollarization initiatives have propelled its relevance within the geopolitical landscape to new heights. The collective is entering 2024 with high hopes for its continuation of that success.

Now, the 2024 BRICS chairmanship holder will remain unchanged, with Vladimir Putin being re-elected as the President of Russia. The outcome was expected by many, with an exit poll broadcast signaling a record 87% victory for Putin, according to Bloomberg.

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Source: Reuters

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The data shows that the more than 74% preliminary turnout was the most since 1991 when Boris Yeltsin was elected following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Moreover, six Russian regions had stated that their turnout was more than 90%. Altogether, Putin’s impending fifth term makes him the longest-serving Russian leader since Josef Stalin

The election results saw five other candidates earn no more than 5% of the vote. The re-election of Putin will see him continue his Ukrainian war efforts, and challenge Western prominence through the BRICS collective. The country’s chairmanship of the alliance has it set to host the highly-anticipated 2024 Summit in Kazan.