BRICS: Russia Reaffirms Focus on Saudi Arabia’s Inclusion

Joshua Ramos

Following statements released yesterday regarding the expanded BRICS, Russia has reaffirmed its focus on Saudi Arabia’s inclusion, according to a Reuters report. Specifically, the country has stated the importance of integrating the invited country into the economic alliance.

Saudi Arabia was one of six countries to receive an invitation to join the BRICS alliance during its 2023 annual summit. It joined Argentina, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ethiopia, and Iran as invited countries. To this point, Argentina is the only nation to reject its invitation. However, Saudi Arabia recently stated that it has yet to officially join the bloc since the start of the new year.

Source: Modern Diplomacy

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Russia Says It is Working to Integrate Saudi Arabia Into BRICS

For the BRICS alliance, 2023 proved to be a crucial year. Amid an ascension of prevalence, the economic bloc saw its de-dollarization plans make headlines. Additionally, its long-awaited expansion plan proved to be one of the most important geopolitical events of the year. However, they have not yet gotten started on the right foot.

Following the announcement of those expansion plans, one nation has already rejected its invitation. Moreover, Riyhad has stated that it has not yet joined the alliance officially, despite the official 2024 implementation date for expanded nations. Subseuqnlety, the BRICS president for 2024, Russia has reaffirmed its focus on Saudi Arabia’s inclusion.

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Source: / Bandar Algaloud / Saudi Royal Court / Reuters

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Specifically, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said that the integration of Saudi Arabia remains “very important.” Additionally, he noted that that work is continuing into the new year. Moreover, Peskov said that he was unaware of comments made by the Kingdom’s Minister of Commerce at the World Economic Forum in Davos regarding its status in BRICS.

The presence of Saudi Arabia in BRICS is of the utmost importance. Indeed, the nation provides an economic alliance with a key member. Its influence on energy production and consumption can help the bloc continue establishing its dominance. Moreover, its closeness with the US maintains it as a vital part of the alliance’s de-dollarization plans.

Although Saudi Arabia has said it is not yet officially a member, that may well change in the coming weeks. When the expansion was first announced, the country appeared to be a landmark addition. It is unlikely that its position in the alliance would be threatened just a few weeks into the New Year.