BRICS: South Africa Says It Could Leave Alliance Amid Policy Shift

Joshua Ramos
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South Africa President Cyril Ramaphosa

In what would certainly be an impact on the BRICS collective, South Africa may be set to leave the economic alliance amid a foreign policy shift. Specifically, the country’s ambassador to Russia, Mzvukile Jeff Maqetuka, recently noted that upcoming elections could have massive implications for the nation’s BRICS future.

Maqetuka noted that the potential for newly elected officials to maneuver foreign policy to facilitate a BRICS exit is a real possibility. Speaking with Russia’s TASS Publication, he explored the matter, noting it could mirror Argentina’s invitation rejection earlier this year.

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BRICS Could Lose South Africa Due to Upcoming Election

The BRICS economic alliance has enjoyed impressive growth throughout the last year. Indeed, that has granted the bloc impressive momentum heading into 2024. With its recently instituted expansion plan, and de-dollarization efforts taking hold on a global scale, its upward trajectory appears set.

However, the collective may be in store for an unsuspecting setback. Specifically, BRICS could see South Africa leave the alliance amid a foreign policy shift. The country’s ambassador to Russia has recently told TASS that an exit would be likely if opposition parties win the upcoming election.

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Maqetuka noted that the possible reconsideration of foreign alliances would be a viable possibility for South Africa. Indeed, he drew parallels to Argentina’s rejection of its BRICS invitation. The country had initially accepted, with the October presidential elections seeing Javier Milei ascend to the presidency. Thereafter, the regime change preceded the country’s rejection of the BRICS’ offer.

Now, a similar development could take place. However, this time it would be involving a nation that is already heavily factored into the BRICS plans. Joining the group in 2001, South Africa was the first official expansion country of the economic alliance.

The South African presidential elections are set to take place on May 29th, 2024, according to Maqetuka. Moreover, he assured the re-election of the African National Congress (ANC) would maintain the status quo for the nation and the bloc. However, a change in regime to the Democratic Alliance would likely lead the way to policy restructuring. Specifically, due to the party’s stance on South Africa’s ongoing relationship with Russia.